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5 Reasons to Spring Clean with a “Teatox.”

March 21, 2017
Spring¬†Cleaning! Just add hot water ūüėČ

It’s time to rid our lives of the toxic non-essentials that plague it. Before you spend hours tidying up¬†the bathroom vanity, I invite you to look a little closer and clean out¬†the junk that’s weighing you down the most. Give your belly a friendly pat, for that’s where you will find most of your toxicity.

Your¬†gut¬†is the magical “swiffer.”

Your tummy will sweep away¬†all that toxic waste and deep clean you like a champ. All it needs is the right product to help it do it’s job.¬†So put down the mop and shelf organizer, and pick up a bag of loose leaf tea!

When we don’t give our digestive system ample time to rest, we hinder¬†the one defense that can heal us. The word detox can be intimidating to most because it has lost it’s true meaning.¬†The elimination process shouldn’t be the result of you white knuckling through an agonizing 30 day juice cleanse.¬†A simple way to activate our detoxification system¬†is by indulging¬†in a warm cup of delicious tea. Several cups ūüėČ

The reality is that we are constantly detoxing, to some extent.

It’s “teatox” time!¬†Oh, there is so much to look forward to, and so little to do.

Here are five benefits to teatox-ing this Spring:


The truth is, the majority of us are chronically dehydrated. This can lead to a dull complexion, and a plethora of health problems. A teatox has a sneaky way of hydrating you without you noticing, all while boosting your largest organ with antioxidants and polyphenols. Say hello to glowing skin!


When we ignite our body’s detoxification system the restorative effects are heaven sent. Tea helps flush out stubborn toxins¬†and allows our bodies to fully repair and rejuvenate during shut eye, which leads to much brighter days.


The digestion process is our number one energy drainer. Toxins keep us sluggish and slow. When we lessen the digestive load and help aid the elimination process with nutrient filled liquids, aka detox teas, we free up our energy bin and can enjoy the benefits during our waking hours.


Ridding our bodies of toxins helps lift the mental fog many of us carry around. When we start to feel better emotionally we make better decisions, and as a result we begin to focus on what truly makes us happy.


Cleansing your organs gives your metabolism a healthy boost! When you rest your digestive system and fuel your cells with nutrients, your body begins to burn stored fat. Yes, please! Teatox-ing will also help reduce bloating, which is an added bonus ūüėČ

There are hundreds of teatox programs out there, some more intense than others. There’s no need to drink 16 cups of tea a day.¬†I’ve come to realize¬†that what truly matters is not the following of a rigid tea regimen, but simply the drinking of more tea.¬†I incorporate it into my¬†routine by starting and ending my day with a quality cup of loose leaf tea.

Happy Teatox!

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