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Thy TEN Fuddhie Beauty Commandments

June 1, 2016
thy 10 beauty commandments

Without further ado, here are thy 10 Beauty Commandments, a divine dedication to honoring your best YOU.
Real beauty is loyalty to thyself.

#1 Thou shalt not put anything on one’s face or body that one wouldn’t put in thy belly.

This one’s quite simple, if I’m wearing it, I’m eating it! My kitchen and bathroom cabinets essentially hold the same items. I often run to the kitchen to apply my nightly face mask. Your skin is your largest organ and everything you put on it seeps into your bloodstream. So, unless you’re willing to drink sodium laurel sulfate or anything methyl, ethyl, butyl related, then put down the chemically ridden cream and pick up some coconut oil!


#2 Thou shalt make sleeping thy number one priority.

IF I CAN PEEP THE SUN, MY SLEEP IS DONE. Don’t be shy, sport that eye mask! There is nothing more beautifying than sacred shut eye. While you’re sleeping your body is repairing and renewing itself, as well as producing copious amounts of collagen, turning back the clock on aging! Nothing comes close to the restorative powers of sleep. A blissful night’s sleep will have you glowing the next day.


#3 Thou shalt NEVER leave your water unattended.

My glass water bottle is my baby. Hydration is everything. It plumps your face with that healthy glow, flushes toxins, helps hydrate your cells, and keeps cellulite and wrinkles at bay! Not to mention it is incredibly effective in helping you burn fat, build muscles, and boost brain power. There’s nothing sexier than a smarter you 😉


#4 Thou shalt savor sulfur rich foods religiously

Nothing pumps the brakes on aging like good ol’ methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) a.k.a. sulfur. If you want to take a dip in the fountain of youth, look no further than the queen beauty mineral, sulfur. MSM is a collagen building machine that will grant you a beautiful complexion as well as strong hair and nails. Eating foods rich in sulfur is critical for maintaining healthy vibrant skin. Here’s a list of a few sulfur rich foods that I eat daily:

  • coconut
  • garlic
  • onion
  • eggs
  • kale (in smoothies or salads)
  • avocado


#5 Thou shalt not shower without a scrub a dub dub.

Clarisonic is my rubber ducky! I have noticed incredible benefits from using it daily. The trick for me has been to wait until the end of my shower/bath when my pores are open to go in for the scrub. Make sure not to neglect the rest of your body as well. Body brushing stimulates your lymphatic system and softens those fat deposits, which in turn helps show those unpleasant toxins the door!


#6 Thou shalt love lemons.

LOVE LEMONS, LIVE LEMONS – My house is never void of lemons, they live in my bathroom, my kitchen, my bedroom and even my living room. The night before I go to sleep I cut a lemon in half, squeeze it into my glass bottle, fill it with Mountain Valley Spring Water, and leave it next to my bed. Upon rising I down the entire bottle and I’m instantly energized and feeling beautiful. This simple addition to your morning routine will give you a serious beauty boost both inside and out! Sign up below to get a peek at my mind-beauty-body morning routine =)


#7 Thou shalt sweat it out any way you know how.

This is the best way to stimulate all your organs for detoxification! During exercise you are increasing blood flow, releasing those “feel good” hormones, getting rid of the waste, cranking up collagen production and oxygenating your skin. Oxygenated blood is what helps flood your body with nutrients, and plumping your face full of goodness. This is what gives you that radiant look. I like to switch it up weekly! Pilates, ballet, yoga, hiking, dance, salsa, and sometimes, a simple long walk.


#8 Thou shalt drink your facials.

The best facials are the one’s you liquefy. You need to nourish your body from the inside out. Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body- if you want beautiful skin, the secret is a beautiful gut! GO GREEN and flood your body with a tsunami of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and oxygen; your newly radiant face will thank you! Click here for my go-to Breville Facial.


#9 Thou shalt love thy self UNCONDITIONALLY

Accept and love where you are. Always. There’s no way to get to a better you without loving the current you. Fiercely embrace your individuality! Remember the law of the universe, what you focus on expands. Focus on all that you love about yourself. Self doubt and beauty don’t mix. Feed your mind with beautifully healthy thoughts and watch the transformation occur!


#10 Thou shalt find pleasure in all that you do.

Being happy is beautiful. Happy people exude an energy that is far more attractive than someone who has spent a fortune on their face regime. Inner beauty is truly infectious! Focus on the beauty of that around you and watch how effortlessly you will attract that beauty onto yourself.

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