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El Bosque Energético (The Energetic Forest)

February 19, 2016
MIND DETOX El Bosque Energético (The Energetic Forest)


Many have stood in this energetic forest, as its called in Miramar, Argentina. I was perplexed by the magnetism and quantum energy that exists here. I tested the magnetism myself as I took a small branch, planted it in the ground, laid another on top of it horizontally and watched it float and spin as if the wood contained a strong a magnet inside of it. When you touch the trees you soak in an incredible amount of energy. One thing that really struck me was how many locals visit the forest to simply lay their bodies against the trees for healing purposes. This my Fuddhies is grounding at its finest. Einstein himself walked these woods in search of answers. To be honest, if Einstein couldn’t solve the mystery, I didn’t think I would come home with many answers. Ironically that was the most magical thing about my visit here. Some things can’t be proved, they can only be experienced.

For me it was far more than an energetic forest, it was an enchanted one.




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