Fuddhist Approved

Vegan BLT: King Oyster Mushroom For The Win

I often find many gems at my local farmers market in Studio City, CA, but this one takes center stage this week! Say hello to the glorious King Oyster mushroom. At first glance I thought, hmm, I can’t really sauté this, what on earth…

December 19, 2017
Hara hachi bu
Fuddhist Approved

Hara Hachi Bu

The Okinawa people of Japan are the longest lived, healthiest people on the planet. In the same way my finance friends take their advice from people that are doing well financially, I take my health advice from those that are LIVING well. Here is…

December 11, 2017
Fuddhist Approved

Together Inspired L.A.

Last New Years Eve I received a phone call that left me speechless. My family and I had lost my Grandfather’s wife to diabetes. Exactly one year after losing my Grandfather, we had now lost his shining star; a warm, caring, compassionate, and selfless…

October 12, 2017
your tribe is calling
Fuddhist Tips

Your Tribe is Calling. Pick up.

Ever since I was little I absolutely loved connecting with others. When I was three I remember seeing a group of girl scouts sitting in a circle at the beach. I immediately ran towards the circle and plopped myself down to join them. Instant…

August 1, 2017

Gracias Sabina

Many claim her dream started on a street cart, but it’s obvious to me her dream started in her garden. Sabina has been cultivating and tending to her garden for more than 60 years. She has perfected some of the most delectable salsas and…

June 15, 2017
digital detox
Fuddhist Approved

Take a Break From the Buzz With a Digital Detox

When’s the last time you truly felt calm and centered? Was it lying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning? Cooking dinner with friends? Yoga class? Reading a book? All of these situations have one thing in common: they’re unplugged. When you’re “unplugged,” it…

April 10, 2017
wellness travel
Fuddhist Approved

The Power of Wellness Travel

I finally put myself first and the result was life changing. Our busy lives and hectic routines are anxiously keeping us all on auto-pilot. The overwhelming amount of to-do lists and constant worrying is taking a serious toll on our physical and mental well-being.…

April 4, 2017
Fuddhist Approved

5 Reasons to Spring Clean with a “Teatox.”

Spring Cleaning! Just add hot water 😉 It’s time to rid our lives of the toxic non-essentials that plague it. Before you spend hours tidying up the bathroom vanity, I invite you to look a little closer and clean out the junk that’s weighing you down the…

March 21, 2017
Vegan Caesar Salad
Fuddhist Food

Vegan Caesar Salad

A refreshingly healthy take on the classic “Caesar Salad.” For years I’ve neglected the Caesar salad after learning about just how unhealthy my ‘old beloved’ really was. The super heavy dressing, flood of parmesan cheese, and not-so-calorie-friendly croutons tally up close to 800 calories!…

January 31, 2017
tiny food explorers
Fuddhist Fun

Tiny Food Explorers!

I created Tiny Food Explorers because I believe involving children in as many food related activities as possible is a great way for them to not only build a relationship with food but it also inspires them to make better food choices. Let’s celebrate and fuel…

December 5, 2016
Thought For Food

The Truth About Turkey and Tryptophan

It’s Thanksgiving Day! Every year we hear the same folk tale, “turkey makes you happy and sleepy!” There is a small dose of truth to that, but the real story goes a little something like this… Tryptophan is an essential amino acid (a building…

November 24, 2016
tips to help you eat healthy on a budget
Fuddhist Tips

10 Simple Tips to Help You Eat Healthy for LESS

I hear it all the time. It’s too expensive to eat healthy! The reality is, it’s too expensive to be sick. Making your health a priority is the greatest investment you can make. It’s not necessary to buy everything organic, purchase an expensive juice…

October 18, 2016
Toss Your To-Do List And Create A Top Two List
Mind Detox

Toss your To-Do List and Create a Top Two List

The dreaded to-do list. Whether you write it out, add it to your notes app, create colored post its, or have it displayed on your kitchen fridge, one thing remains the same, it never gets done on time, and it leaves you feeling defeated. It’s the never…

August 8, 2016
guilt-free dessert saves waistline
Fuddhist Approved

Guilt-Free Nutella Treat!

In the world of health and wellness, sweets and treats are usually frowned upon. Well, what if I told you that this tempting recipe is not only 100% Fuddhist approved, but also courtesy of my beautiful body building sister, Natalia ♥ No one watches what…

July 28, 2016
picture perfect picnic
Fuddhist Fun

The 5 Things You Need for a Picture Perfect Picnic

  Picnic outings are the absolute greatest! But if you aren’t prepared they can be stressful and far from dreamy. Here are a few Fuddhist tips to crafting a picture perfect picnic, just in time for National Picnic Month 🙂   1) Grade “A”…

July 21, 2016
Longevity Elixirs

The Wonders of Watermelon

As I sat on the beach in Mallorca, Spain devouring that delicious watermelon, I intuitively knew that there was some serious healing happening on many levels. I had spent the last fours hours lost in the woods, hiking to the middle of nowhere, unsure of…

July 6, 2016
Thought For Food

¿Dónde Está Betty Crocker?

Donde Esta Betty Crocker? You’re probably wondering why I’m looking for Betty? Ironically the story starts at a grocery store run with my adorable niece. She is seven years old and very smart. She runs to me with a package of food and says…

June 29, 2016
Grapefruit - Cellulite's Kryptonite
Beauty Enlightenment

Grapefruit: Cellulite’s Kryptonite

Ladies, I know why you’re here, I get it. That horrid “orange peel syndrome.” Ok, so it’s not deadly, but it plagues us and makes us feel like shit. It’s time to get over the whole “it’s bitter” noise and start to love us…

June 20, 2016
Mother Dirt - The Ultimate Healer
The Earth Element

Mother Dirt: The Ultimate Healer

When life feels overwhelming I seek refuge and comfort in the dirt. Connecting with the earth is incredibly nurturing and soothing, it’s the best form of stress therapy there is. That precious time spent in the garden shifts you into a meditative state, stilling…

June 15, 2016
COFFEED | A Charitable Cup of Joe | Charity Coffee Shop
Longevity Elixirs

A Charitable Cup of Joe

  There is nothing more enjoyable than having two of my greatest passions of T.V. and Fuddhism align. I flew to New York to film for TV Land and happily found myself in Fuddhist territory. My shoot took place at COFFEED, a locally sourced, charity driven coffee shop in…

June 13, 2016
thy 10 beauty commandments
Beauty Enlightenment

Thy TEN Fuddhie Beauty Commandments

Without further ado, here are thy 10 Beauty Commandments, a divine dedication to honoring your best YOU. Real beauty is loyalty to thyself. #1 Thou shalt not put anything on one’s face or body that one wouldn’t put in thy belly. This one’s quite…

June 1, 2016
Good Mood Good Food - The Fuddhist
Mind Detox

Good Mood = Good Food

Nope. That never happens. No one’s running to steam broccoli at 2am after a terrible breakup. Although it’s true that you are what you eat, modern science has now proven that you’re also what you think and feel. These two philosophies are the backbone of…

May 9, 2016
The-Fuddhist-Up-Cycling-Jam Session

Up cycling Jam Session

  My love of music, craftsmanship, creating, connecting, up cycling, and unity, all bundled into one sunny afternoon. My goal was to build an up cycled food tray, and what transpired was so much more. I encourage everyone to spend more time building, more…

April 21, 2016
tiny food explorers
Featured Love

Tiny Food Explorers!

What’s cuter than a basket of berries?! A tiny human willfully collecting berries in their tiny basket!   Tiny Food Explorers is fueled by celebrating children’s insatiable appetite to explore and be curious! By involving kids in the grocery shopping process, we help guide them towards healthier…

April 1, 2016
Featured Longevity Elixirs

Lucuma Matata!

Its my problem free philosophy, Lucuma Matata! Que es Lucuma? It’s a funny sounding name that rhymes with Hakuna and inspires me to recite the entire first verse of Lion King every time I hear it. Lucuma is delicious fruit native to the Andean valleys…

March 3, 2016
Dr. Hector Quiroga - Bonafide Fuddhist

My Heroic Grandpa: A Bonafide Fuddhist

Dr. Hector Quiroga: My Grandpa. A pioneer in preventive medicine. A visionary. My trailblazer. An exceptional doctor with a long list of accolades including gold medals and medals of honor in the fields of medicine and science. He started his medical career at the…

February 23, 2016
MIND DETOX El Bosque Energético (The Energetic Forest)
Featured Mind Detox

El Bosque Energético (The Energetic Forest)

  Many have stood in this energetic forest, as its called in Miramar, Argentina. I was perplexed by the magnetism and quantum energy that exists here. I tested the magnetism myself as I took a small branch, planted it in the ground, laid another…

February 19, 2016
Mate over matter - Yerba Mate
Featured Longevity Elixirs

Maté Over Matter

An ancient tradition that shifts us into the NOW. But first, you have to get through security. Me: “No, I’m not drinking marijuana.” TSA officer: “Miss, please come with me.” This is how most of my airport experiences start when I decide to travel…

January 27, 2016
buh bye expectations hello acceptance
Mind Detox

Buh Bye Expectations. Hello Acceptance.

We expect so much from others. All the time. Yes, you do. We all do. Constantly, always, even when we think we aren’t. We expect our partners to behave a certain way, our co-workers to act a certain way, our parents to be a…

January 27, 2016