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Gracias Sabina

June 15, 2017

Many claim her dream started on a street cart, but it’s obvious to me her dream started in her garden. Sabina has been cultivating and tending to her garden for more than 60 years. She has perfected some of the most delectable salsas and tostadas on the planet. According to Anthony Bourdain, Sabina offers the best seafood tostadas on Planet Earth. I think it’s safe to say the man knows a thing or two 😉 She got the Bourdain nod, but with her humble demeanor, you’d never know it.

From the freshly harvested ingredients in her garden, to a humble street cart a block east of Ensenada’s Malecon, La Guerrerense, has been bringing smiles and happy bellies to the pueblo of Ensenada for decades. The real beauty is that it is all done in the caring company of her familia, a dream come true for Sabina. Of her many accomplishments, being able to share the success and experiences with her family, has been the most rewarding by far.

After decades of serving up the world’s greatest tostadas, Sabina was reigned the Queen of the street cart, and what follows is proof that garden dreams do come true.

Sabina and her familia recently opened their new restaurant, Sabina Restaurante. A humble and quaint expansion of their nearby street cart; where upon entering you instantly feel like you’re back at “Grandma’s house.”

I had just met her, and I felt like I had known her for ages. Sabina has that loving, comforting, and warm nature. The kind that hugs you when you walk in the door. The same kind my Abuelita had. Apart from her genius skills in the kitchen, and her mastery in the garden, there is nothing quite like indulging in a meal that you can feel is bursting with flavor and more importantly, mucho amor.

My foodie partner n crime Tinger Hseih! Check out her blog Dash of Ting 🙂

In true ‘Grandmotherly’ fashion, the spoiling began immediately. Sabina generously brought my amigas and I, a large sampling of her greatest tostadas! We went to town on her infamous sea urchin, octopus, smoked tuna ceviche, fish tacos, and smoked oyster delights. And you better believe I didn’t miss an opportunity to drizzle a healthy spoonful of her Chilito Diablito on every bite. Habanero salsa, you just got check raised. Lucky for me Sabina was there to hand over her diablito remedy – a cold cup of cucumber lime drink w chia seeds. Next up to bat; POZOLE! Time stood still. No words I uttered in Español or English could suffice as a big enough thank you to Sabina for this bowl of goodness!!

Fortunately, food that is made with love is something you take with you long after your last bite.

Gracias Sabina. ❤️



Up cycling Jam Session

April 21, 2016


My love of music, craftsmanship, creating, connecting, up cycling, and unity, all bundled into one sunny afternoon. My goal was to build an up cycled food tray, and what transpired was so much more. I encourage everyone to spend more time building, more time using your hands, more time with friends, more time laughing, more time with no agenda, more time together.

I’m honored to introduce my first guest blogger. An incredible friend,Reiki Master, writer, photographer and wonderful human being. Adam Ullberg.

Co-Creating, A Perspective on Unity…

On a recent beautiful day in Los Angeles (as if that narrows it down), I got a call from a good friend, Marianela Pereyra, to work on a project to “just see where it goes”…which happens to be my favorite kind of project. No agenda, no rules, no expectations…just create and see what we get!! Count me in!! 

This new project – an attempt to build a wooden board to display food – would also involve new friend Dave Yaden and would be completely UPCYCLED (reusing discarded materials to create something of higher value…how cool is that?!). I didn’t knowmuch about Dave except his passion to build things from materials he finds around town…but I would soon find out about another passion of his…music (don’t take my word for it, watch the video and listen for yourself!). 

And like a piece of inspired music, this project quickly unfolded effortlessly for all of us. Both Marianela and Dave love to build and create using their hands, so off they went! Marianela was in her element as her vision was quickly being realized by what Dave already had in his backyard. Dave, in his element, took the day’s events and channeled a piece of music that didn’t exist before. And I’m one that enjoys filming and photography, so, as a fly on the wall (or in the backyard for that matter), I was in my element finding inspired angles with inspired creators.

Not too far into this wonderful day, a topic came to mind …Co-Creation! At a time where an “us vs. them” mentality seems to be dismantling our precious world, this to me was an example of where our focus should be. Individually we excel at different things, but together we can utilize those gifts to create results of higher value for everyone. An orchestra is the prefect example of the specialized layers that can add to the richness of a piece of music. We can even look to the evolution of the cells in our own bodies as another example. They reflect this same kind of specialization AND cooperation to thrive and make for a more harmonious living environment (Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton).

I believe we are all creators. And there isn’t one of us that does EVERYTHING…so we do need each other. Our differences reflect the different pieces of the puzzle that we represent. It’s a puzzle that isn’t complete without ALL of the pieces. Now, more than ever, let’s share our ideas and gifts with one another so we can create outside the box and help make our environment one that thrives on the only thing that will ensure its survival…UNITY.


Check out Adam Ullberg’s Blog, and consider exploring different perspectives!

Check out Dave Yaden’s music here!

Featured Love

Tiny Food Explorers!

April 1, 2016
tiny food explorers

What’s cuter than a basket of berries?! A tiny human willfully collecting berries in their tiny basket!


Tiny Food Explorers is fueled by celebrating children’s insatiable appetite to explore and be curious! By involving kids in the grocery shopping process, we help guide them towards healthier options while empowering them to make their own decisions. Allowing kids to make their own choices helps get them excited about food! Getting kids used to reading the ingredients is a wonderfully healthy habit to build, that will last a lifetime and help guard them against the barrage of food advertising they fall victim to, day in and day out.

Lets be honest, the food marketing that is targeted towards children in the United States is deplorable. We need to protect our children with what Nelson Mandela believed to be the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world…education.

Kids are human sponges; they have an ability to absorb so much information at a young age. I can’t think of a better life tool than gifting them with the power to make healthier choices. Don’t get me wrong, karate and self defense classes are also a great way to empower our children, but the number one killer in America isn’t the boogeyman…it’s cardiovascular disease.

Childhood obesity is now a national epidemic. 1 in 3 children in the United States are overweight or obese. Increasing children’s awareness to healthy food, and teaching them to read labels and make empowering choices, could literally save their lives.

As most of us grownups already know, what we eat early in life sticks with us well into adulthood. When we give kids the freedom to playfully explore different kinds of foods and ask questions, we ignite an enjoyable food conversation! 

From the garden, to the grocery store, to the kitchen; involving children in as many food related activities as possible, is a great way for them to connect to the source of their food and build a relationship with food that will pave the way for mindful eating. Teaching kids to be mindful about what they are eating will ensure they make smart choices that will nourish and heal their bodies, leading them towards a more vital, and fruitful future!




Meet Halo, Chosen, and Seven-three magical tiny humans, who jumped with delight at the opportunity to make their own decisions at the supermarket. Their enthusiasm and effortless ability to remain present is infectious! 

Children are great imitators, so let’s give them something great to imitate.


Watch my ‘Tiny Food Explorers’ in action!



My Heroic Grandpa: A Bonafide Fuddhist

February 23, 2016
Dr. Hector Quiroga - Bonafide Fuddhist

Dr. Hector Quiroga: My Grandpa. A pioneer in preventive medicine. A visionary. My trailblazer. An exceptional doctor with a long list of accolades including gold medals and medals of honor in the fields of medicine and science. He started his medical career at the age of 17; the original Doogie Howser.

My Grandfather was the Director of Public Health of many provinces of Argentina as well as the department head of many hospitals apart from holding his own private practice. He finished his residency in New York, specializing in gastroenterology. He believed that all diseases stem from the gut, and was a firm advocate of orthomolecular medicine, back when the word nutrition didn’t even exist. He worked heavily on researching cancer and continued to push cellular nutrition for he believed in the healing power of food.

He held over 50 symposium’s worldwide, published numerous works and received a gold medal for his research and findings on Ginseng in the 1970’s, proving its healing power and gaining worldwide acknowledgement for such. He concocted his own “capsulón” – as he referred to it- his vitamin cocktail, which we now know today as a “multi-vitamin.” He was ahead of his time and wise beyond his years. He worked endlessly researching Alzheimer’s and on improving the quality of life for the elderly.

He believed in a vital and active life until the very end. He belived that happiness and positivity extended one’s longevity, and very much practiced what he preached. Apart from his ingenious work as a doctor he was a caring, lively, positive, happy, handsome, funny and loving human being who left a lasting impression on everyone he came across.

Ninety five years of age lived to the very fullest! A true legend. My hero. Thank you Grandpa for your life’s work. Thank you for fueling my passion and for the endless joy you brought me. A true example of how to live a beautifully abundant and healthy life, always in the service of improving the lives of others. A bonafide Fuddhist.

Your imperishable legacy and loving memory lives on.