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Tiny Food Explorers!

April 1, 2016
tiny food explorers

What’s cuter than a basket of berries?! A tiny human willfully collecting berries in their tiny basket!


Tiny Food Explorers is fueled by celebrating children’s insatiable appetite to explore and be curious! By involving kids in the grocery shopping process, we help guide them towards healthier options while empowering them to make their own decisions. Allowing kids to make their own choices helps get them excited about food! Getting kids used to reading the ingredients is a wonderfully healthy habit to build, that will last a lifetime and help guard them against the barrage of food advertising they fall victim to, day in and day out.

Lets be honest, the food marketing that is targeted towards children in the United States is deplorable. We need to protect our children with what Nelson Mandela believed to be the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world…education.

Kids are human sponges; they have an ability to absorb so much information at a young age. I can’t think of a better life tool than gifting them with the power to make healthier choices. Don’t get me wrong, karate and self defense classes are also a great way to empower our children, but the number one killer in America isn’t the boogeyman…it’s cardiovascular disease.

Childhood obesity is now a national epidemic. 1 in 3 children in the United States are overweight or obese. Increasing children’s awareness to healthy food, and teaching them to read labels and make empowering choices, could literally save their lives.

As most of us grownups already know, what we eat early in life sticks with us well into adulthood. When we give kids the freedom to playfully explore different kinds of foods and ask questions, we ignite an enjoyable food conversation! 

From the garden, to the grocery store, to the kitchen; involving children in as many food related activities as possible, is a great way for them to connect to the source of their food and build a relationship with food that will pave the way for mindful eating. Teaching kids to be mindful about what they are eating will ensure they make smart choices that will nourish and heal their bodies, leading them towards a more vital, and fruitful future!




Meet Halo, Chosen, and Seven-three magical tiny humans, who jumped with delight at the opportunity to make their own decisions at the supermarket. Their enthusiasm and effortless ability to remain present is infectious! 

Children are great imitators, so let’s give them something great to imitate.


Watch my ‘Tiny Food Explorers’ in action!


Featured Longevity Elixirs

Lucuma Matata!

March 3, 2016

Its my problem free philosophy, Lucuma Matata!

Que es Lucuma? It’s a funny sounding name that rhymes with Hakuna and inspires me to recite the entire first verse of Lion King every time I hear it. Lucuma is delicious fruit native to the Andean valleys of Peru, Ecuador, and Chile. My first encounter with this beauty was during my travels in Chile. The initial love connection was ignited due to its striking similarity to one of my favorite fruit crushes of all time, the avocado.

I fondly remember my first bite. Mmmm. I was sure my friend had soaked the fruit in maple syrup! It was oh so sweet and delectable. This is where it pays off to be curious and adventurous. I now had a new fruit to add to my repertoire, but living in the States would make it difficult to indulge in my new finding. Not anymore.

Enter: lucuma powder.

This ‘gold of the incas‘ as its referred to down South, has been around for centuries and is now primarily used to sweeten up baked goods and desserts. You can throw a pinch of lucuma in your smoothies, morning oatmeal and lattes as well! It’s an excellent low-glycemic alternative to sugar and even diabetic friendly. But lets not forget about its super power “ness.” Its been used to treat heart maladies (hypertension/blood pressure), heal skin conditions, balance hormones, and aid in digestion. It packs a strong punch of fiber, phosphorus, iron, beta-carotene (boosting eye health), calcium, protein, vital trace minerals and antioxidants.

In pure Fuddhist fashion, Lucuma benefits and nourishes the mind as well. Due to its high content of niacin (vitamin B3), it has been recently proven to help those with depressionIt strengthens brain cells to adapt according to stress and workloads. It is good tonic for brain.

Turns out the song I was singing is a perfect match.

‘no worries, for the rest of your days.
It’s a problem free philosophy, Lucuma Matata!’



Featured Mind Detox

El Bosque Energético (The Energetic Forest)

February 19, 2016
MIND DETOX El Bosque Energético (The Energetic Forest)


Many have stood in this energetic forest, as its called in Miramar, Argentina. I was perplexed by the magnetism and quantum energy that exists here. I tested the magnetism myself as I took a small branch, planted it in the ground, laid another on top of it horizontally and watched it float and spin as if the wood contained a strong a magnet inside of it. When you touch the trees you soak in an incredible amount of energy. One thing that really struck me was how many locals visit the forest to simply lay their bodies against the trees for healing purposes. This my Fuddhies is grounding at its finest. Einstein himself walked these woods in search of answers. To be honest, if Einstein couldn’t solve the mystery, I didn’t think I would come home with many answers. Ironically that was the most magical thing about my visit here. Some things can’t be proved, they can only be experienced.

For me it was far more than an energetic forest, it was an enchanted one.




Featured Longevity Elixirs

Maté Over Matter

January 27, 2016
Mate over matter - Yerba Mate

An ancient tradition that shifts us into the NOW. But first, you have to get through security.

Me: “No, I’m not drinking marijuana.”

TSA officer: “Miss, please come with me.”

This is how most of my airport experiences start when I decide to travel with my trusty Yerba Maté (yer-bah-mah-tay). Unless I’m in my homeland of Argentina, where the second you land everyone is carrying their “termo” (thermos) “mate” (gourd) and “bombilla” (metal straw).

Maté is a way of life for us. 

This is a tradition that dates back to the Guarani natives who now inhabit Paraguay and the Argentine provinces of Misiones and Corrientes. They would plant “yerba mate” near the burial grounds of their ancestors, cultivate and prepare the drink that they would sip and share in a circle amongst family. They believed the spirits of their loved ones would grow with the yerba and pass through their bodies via the drink. Furthermore, they believed it significantly improved their health and wellbeing, giving them increased energy and stamina while keeping them mentally alert. Science has now proven that their beliefs were spot on.Mate over matter

Although we aren’t harvesting the plant ourselves, it’s still a deeply rooted custom that is shared among friends, family, and co-workers. For me, “mateando” is a sacred moment that allows us to be fully present with each other.

‘Mateando’ goes a little something like this:

The person brewing the drink (el cebador)  would take a sip through the metal straw (la bombilla) and then pass the drink to someone in the circle. Sometimes clockwise, sometimes at random. Yes, we all drink from the same gourd, similar to the Native Americans who smoked from the same peace pipe. We are all equal, we are all one, and we don’t believe in cooties. In fact, yerba mate has antimicrobial properties.

There are so many benefits to sippin’ on this grass in a gourd!

After sharing the long list of health benefits associated with drinking mate, I’ve converted many a friends and loved ones into maté fiends. Yerba Maté leaves contain 250 nutrients and numerous studies have shown that this ancient shrub is extraordinarily beneficial to humans. Furthermore, according to the Industry Science Journal, maté includes 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and 11 polyphenols, and is very high in antioxidants.

This magical plant is finally making waves in the West! Yerba Maté is giving green tea a run for it’s money. As a matter of fact, Yerba is significantly more effective than green tea due to its high concentration of chlorogenic acid, Caffeoyl derivatives, and saponins. All of which have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, lipid-lowering, and anti-diabetic properties.

Lastly, if all the above is too much to digest, then just know this.

It makes you poop. Big time.