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Boost your Health & Save Money: Why Eating Seasonally Rules!

September 12, 2017
seasonal produce guide

Your belly, Buddhists, and your bank account all agree, that eating seasonally is the way to go!

There are so many benefits to consuming food that flow with the cycle of nature and that were grown just around the time you are about to take that delectable bite! Apart from receiving a far greater nutritional boost, it also promotes balance with the earth’s resources as well as its life forms. We must learn to embrace the change in seasons and indulge in all it has to offer. Buddhist’s believe produce grown from the earth during a particular season can benefit your body during seasonal changes.

Buddhists are 100% in flow with nature. Most supermarkets are not.

We have become way too comfortable, technology has helped feed our impatience, and our health and the planet are feeling the repercussions. Thanks to food processing and technology, we can have those strawberries, whenever we damn well please. And that’s the problem. In order to indulge our year round desires, and eat whatever fruit and veggie we want, when we want, that produce is doused in pesticides, preservatives, and wonderful wax. Studies have shown that spinach and green beans lose two-thirds of their vitamin C within a week of harvest. Add to that days upon days of transport, and idle squatting on grocery shelfs.

Adios antioxidants. Arrivederci nutrients. Au revoir minerals.

Check out The Fuddhist’s Seasonal Produce Guide here

We place a lot of emphasis on eating organically; and not enough on the importance of eating seasonally. When you eat something in season, that was produced within a 100 mile radius, you get the most out of that produce nutritionally speaking, while at the same time supporting your local farmers and sustainable agriculture. This is one sure way to lower your carbon footprint.

Several ancient and holistic medical traditions view seasonal eating as an integral part to excellent health and healing. Their beliefs seep in ancient wisdom; for they understood the importance of aligning ourselves with the environment.

Let’s strive to lower our food miles by hopping aboard that locavore train.

Get ready to boost your health, preserve the environment, and save yourself a bundle.

All aboard!


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