Up cycling Jam Session

April 21, 2016


My love of music, craftsmanship, creating, connecting, up cycling, and unity, all bundled into one sunny afternoon. My goal was to build an up cycled food tray, and what transpired was so much more. I encourage everyone to spend more time building, more time using your hands, more time with friends, more time laughing, more time with no agenda, more time together.

I’m honored to introduce my first guest blogger. An incredible friend,Reiki Master, writer, photographer and wonderful human being. Adam Ullberg.

Co-Creating, A Perspective on Unity…

On a recent beautiful day in Los Angeles (as if that narrows it down), I got a call from a good friend, Marianela Pereyra, to work on a project to “just see where it goes”…which happens to be my favorite kind of project. No agenda, no rules, no expectations…just create and see what we get!! Count me in!! 

This new project – an attempt to build a wooden board to display food – would also involve new friend Dave Yaden and would be completely UPCYCLED (reusing discarded materials to create something of higher value…how cool is that?!). I didn’t knowmuch about Dave except his passion to build things from materials he finds around town…but I would soon find out about another passion of his…music (don’t take my word for it, watch the video and listen for yourself!). 

And like a piece of inspired music, this project quickly unfolded effortlessly for all of us. Both Marianela and Dave love to build and create using their hands, so off they went! Marianela was in her element as her vision was quickly being realized by what Dave already had in his backyard. Dave, in his element, took the day’s events and channeled a piece of music that didn’t exist before. And I’m one that enjoys filming and photography, so, as a fly on the wall (or in the backyard for that matter), I was in my element finding inspired angles with inspired creators.

Not too far into this wonderful day, a topic came to mind …Co-Creation! At a time where an “us vs. them” mentality seems to be dismantling our precious world, this to me was an example of where our focus should be. Individually we excel at different things, but together we can utilize those gifts to create results of higher value for everyone. An orchestra is the prefect example of the specialized layers that can add to the richness of a piece of music. We can even look to the evolution of the cells in our own bodies as another example. They reflect this same kind of specialization AND cooperation to thrive and make for a more harmonious living environment (Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton).

I believe we are all creators. And there isn’t one of us that does EVERYTHING…so we do need each other. Our differences reflect the different pieces of the puzzle that we represent. It’s a puzzle that isn’t complete without ALL of the pieces. Now, more than ever, let’s share our ideas and gifts with one another so we can create outside the box and help make our environment one that thrives on the only thing that will ensure its survival…UNITY.


Check out Adam Ullberg’s Blog, and consider exploring different perspectives!

Check out Dave Yaden’s music here!

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