My Heroic Grandpa: A Bonafide Fuddhist

February 23, 2016
Dr. Hector Quiroga - Bonafide Fuddhist

Dr. Hector Quiroga: My Grandpa. A pioneer in preventive medicine. A visionary. My trailblazer. An exceptional doctor with a long list of accolades including gold medals and medals of honor in the fields of medicine and science. He started his medical career at the age of 17; the original Doogie Howser.

My Grandfather was the Director of Public Health of many provinces of Argentina as well as the department head of many hospitals apart from holding his own private practice. He finished his residency in New York, specializing in gastroenterology. He believed that all diseases stem from the gut, and was a firm advocate of orthomolecular medicine, back when the word nutrition didn’t even exist. He worked heavily on researching cancer and continued to push cellular nutrition for he believed in the healing power of food.

He held over 50 symposium’s worldwide, published numerous works and received a gold medal for his research and findings on Ginseng in the 1970’s, proving its healing power and gaining worldwide acknowledgement for such. He concocted his own “capsulón” – as he referred to it- his vitamin cocktail, which we now know today as a “multi-vitamin.” He was ahead of his time and wise beyond his years. He worked endlessly researching Alzheimer’s and on improving the quality of life for the elderly.

He believed in a vital and active life until the very end. He belived that happiness and positivity extended one’s longevity, and very much practiced what he preached. Apart from his ingenious work as a doctor he was a caring, lively, positive, happy, handsome, funny and loving human being who left a lasting impression on everyone he came across.

Ninety five years of age lived to the very fullest! A true legend. My hero. Thank you Grandpa for your life’s work. Thank you for fueling my passion and for the endless joy you brought me. A true example of how to live a beautifully abundant and healthy life, always in the service of improving the lives of others. A bonafide Fuddhist.

Your imperishable legacy and loving memory lives on.




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