Gracias Sabina

June 15, 2017

Many claim her dream started on a street cart, but it’s obvious to me her dream started in her garden. Sabina has been cultivating and tending to her garden for more than 60 years. She has perfected some of the most delectable salsas and tostadas on the planet. According to Anthony Bourdain, Sabina offers the best seafood tostadas on Planet Earth. I think it’s safe to say the man knows a thing or two 😉 She got the Bourdain nod, but with her humble demeanor, you’d never know it.

From the freshly harvested ingredients in her garden, to a humble street cart a block east of Ensenada’s Malecon, La Guerrerense, has been bringing smiles and happy bellies to the pueblo of Ensenada for decades. The real beauty is that it is all done in the caring company of her familia, a dream come true for Sabina. Of her many accomplishments, being able to share the success and experiences with her family, has been the most rewarding by far.

After decades of serving up the world’s greatest tostadas, Sabina was reigned the Queen of the street cart, and what follows is proof that garden dreams do come true.

Sabina and her familia recently opened their new restaurant, Sabina Restaurante. A humble and quaint expansion of their nearby street cart; where upon entering you instantly feel like you’re back at “Grandma’s house.”

I had just met her, and I felt like I had known her for ages. Sabina has that loving, comforting, and warm nature. The kind that hugs you when you walk in the door. The same kind my Abuelita had. Apart from her genius skills in the kitchen, and her mastery in the garden, there is nothing quite like indulging in a meal that you can feel is bursting with flavor and more importantly, mucho amor.

My foodie partner n crime Tinger Hseih! Check out her blog Dash of Ting 🙂

In true ‘Grandmotherly’ fashion, the spoiling began immediately. Sabina generously brought my amigas and I, a large sampling of her greatest tostadas! We went to town on her infamous sea urchin, octopus, smoked tuna ceviche, fish tacos, and smoked oyster delights. And you better believe I didn’t miss an opportunity to drizzle a healthy spoonful of her Chilito Diablito on every bite. Habanero salsa, you just got check raised. Lucky for me Sabina was there to hand over her diablito remedy – a cold cup of cucumber lime drink w chia seeds. Next up to bat; POZOLE! Time stood still. No words I uttered in Español or English could suffice as a big enough thank you to Sabina for this bowl of goodness!!

Fortunately, food that is made with love is something you take with you long after your last bite.

Gracias Sabina. ❤️


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