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Foam Rolling: A Simple, Affordable Solution to a Pain Free Life!

January 29, 2018
foam rolling

Almost everyone I know complains about some ache or pain on a daily. So many of us hold onto, and carry tension in our necks, shoulders, and lower back, creating what is known as ‘trigger points’. Irrespective of our daily exercise routine, we are plagued with these muscle adhesions. Many of us just accept this pain as the inevitable part of simply “getting old”, while others mask the symptoms with anti-inflammatory pills.

The simple truth is that we spend the majority of our days sitting. Sitting while we eat breakfast, sitting in the car on the way to work, sitting in front of our computers all day at work, sitting with our friends during our lunch break, sitting on the car ride back home, sitting on the couch to unwind from our day at work.

This stagnation is taking a serious toll on our spinal health.

Unfortunately, that one hour at the gym cannot compete with the 10 plus hours a day that we spend sitting in 90 degree angles. This sitting position creates double the amount of compression on our discs compared to standing. Additionally, it forces our shoulders and neck forward, creating the perfect recipe for chronic pain and a stiff spine. I would know. 

The easiest way for me to combat my neck pain is to make sure I’m keeping my spine in motion. With this in mind, I take breaks from sitting every 30-45 min. I use my foam roller on a daily, for it is true that what you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while. This commitment has brought me tremendous relief!

One thing I’ve learned over the years through my bouts with chronic pain, is that the common enemy is tight fascia. That is why it is imperative that we release these trigger points to allow the healing process to begin. By using our own body weight to roll against the foam roller, we create a simulation of a massage to the affected area. As a result, this loosens the fascia, and also increases blood flow to the area. For when there is pain, there is not proper blood flow.

According to a report by Harvard Medical School, a foam rolling daily routine can be a simple catalyst to keeping a person’s muscles loose and healthy, so they can maintain optimal health. Foam rolling helps to lengthen the ligaments and tendons, and increases the blood supply to the degenerative area. Apart from releasing tight fascia, it also helps move out toxins which enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Foam rolling is neither costly, nor time consuming!

Being pain-free is a key component to overall health. Get yourself a quality foam roller and start releasing that fascia today! I’m a big fan of ProSource‘s high density foam roller (check the video below ;). Their extra-firm EPP foam roller is eco-friendly, lightweight, and provides sturdy support.

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There are a myriad of different ways to use a foam roller to treat your muscle pain. Here are my four go-to exercises that help me increase spine flexibility, decrease stress, and prevent chronic inflammation. These simple and super short exercises help to relieve shoulder, neck, and upper back pain. For anyone with a desk job or struggling with nagging back pain, it can be a real lifesaver!
(make sure to research the exercises that are best suited for your particular injury, or your fitness goals)


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