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Fuddhist Tips

Foam Rolling: A Simple, Affordable Solution to a Pain Free Life!

January 29, 2018
foam rolling

Almost everyone I know complains about some ache or pain on a daily. So many of us hold onto, and carry tension in our necks, shoulders, and lower back, creating what is known as ‘trigger points’. Irrespective of our daily exercise routine, we are plagued with these muscle adhesions. Many of us just accept this pain as the inevitable part of simply “getting old”, while others mask the symptoms with anti-inflammatory pills.

The simple truth is that we spend the majority of our days sitting. Sitting while we eat breakfast, sitting in the car on the way to work, sitting in front of our computers all day at work, sitting with our friends during our lunch break, sitting on the car ride back home, sitting on the couch to unwind from our day at work.

This stagnation is taking a serious toll on our spinal health.

Unfortunately, that one hour at the gym cannot compete with the 10 plus hours a day that we spend sitting in 90 degree angles. This sitting position creates double the amount of compression on our discs compared to standing. Additionally, it forces our shoulders and neck forward, creating the perfect recipe for chronic pain and a stiff spine. I would know. 

The easiest way for me to combat my neck pain is to make sure I’m keeping my spine in motion. With this in mind, I take breaks from sitting every 30-45 min. I use my foam roller on a daily, for it is true that what you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while. This commitment has brought me tremendous relief!

One thing I’ve learned over the years through my bouts with chronic pain, is that the common enemy is tight fascia. That is why it is imperative that we release these trigger points to allow the healing process to begin. By using our own body weight to roll against the foam roller, we create a simulation of a massage to the affected area. As a result, this loosens the fascia, and also increases blood flow to the area. For when there is pain, there is not proper blood flow.

According to a report by Harvard Medical School, a foam rolling daily routine can be a simple catalyst to keeping a person’s muscles loose and healthy, so they can maintain optimal health. Foam rolling helps to lengthen the ligaments and tendons, and increases the blood supply to the degenerative area. Apart from releasing tight fascia, it also helps move out toxins which enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Foam rolling is neither costly, nor time consuming!

Being pain-free is a key component to overall health. Get yourself a quality foam roller and start releasing that fascia today! I’m a big fan of ProSource‘s high density foam roller (check the video below ;). Their extra-firm EPP foam roller is eco-friendly, lightweight, and provides sturdy support.

Get an extra 15% off their rollers when you use the discount code: FUDDHIST   

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There are a myriad of different ways to use a foam roller to treat your muscle pain. Here are my four go-to exercises that help me increase spine flexibility, decrease stress, and prevent chronic inflammation. These simple and super short exercises help to relieve shoulder, neck, and upper back pain. For anyone with a desk job or struggling with nagging back pain, it can be a real lifesaver!
(make sure to research the exercises that are best suited for your particular injury, or your fitness goals)


Fuddhist Tips

Your Tribe is Calling. Pick up.

August 1, 2017
your tribe is calling

Ever since I was little I absolutely loved connecting with others. When I was three I remember seeing a group of girl scouts sitting in a circle at the beach. I immediately ran towards the circle and plopped myself down to join them. Instant Tribe. No hesitation, no divide, no fear, no judgement, no bias. Their energy drew me towards them; it was that simple. I saw magic everywhere I went.

There are no seven wonders in the eye of a child. There are seven million. – Walt Streightiff

As tiny tots we never experienced loneliness. We were too busy with the magical present! What a gift 😉 Sadly, so many adults feel lonely, and it is because we are not built to live isolated lives. By nature we are tribal. It’s normal for us to crave intimacy and a sense of belonging; and it’s also the key to a healthy and happy life! There are numerous scientific studies that have proven that loneliness is a greater risk to your health than smoking and obesity. Loneliness has become an invisible epidemic. The good news is, finding our tribe is one sure way to end it. 

That sense of belonging can do more for you than any diet or vitamin ever will.

It is when we are left feeling lost, alone, and spiritually disconnected, that we begin to search for something outside of ourselves. We all want to belong to something bigger than us. Eventually we begin to gravitate towards those that bring us joy, that are like minded, that lift our spirits, and make us feel unconditionally loved and grounded. We know deep down they are out there; our beloved tribe. 

Only when we are deeply connected with ourselves, can we genuinely connect with others.

You will be a part of many different tribes throughout your life, and that is a beautiful thing 😉 For as your life changes, so will your inner circle. We are constantly growing and changing and so are those around you. The goal is to continue to grow! And the formula for finding your tribe is quite simple; spend time with those that bring you complete and utter joy, and accept you unconditionally, just the way you are.

Here are a few tips to help you on your journey towards finding or expanding your tribe.

5 Fuddhist Tribal Calling Tips 😉

#1 Embrace the desire to find your tribe and set that intention! Say it out loud, write it on a piece of paper, sing it, dance it, and put it out into the universe!

#2 Remember that you are connected to everyone around you, even those you’ve parted ways with. You will never attract your tribe if you are still begrudgingly holding onto negative feelings about those that formed part of your tribe in the past. Thank them for being part of your life and now focus forward on your own journey.

#3 Spend time doing things that light you up, and make you smile. Focus on the things you love that nourish your soul. If you love to cook, take a fun class. If you love to go to improv shows (yours truly) go to them! Your tribe will be there 😉

#4 Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Sometimes the people we think we wouldn’t want anything to do with end up being part of our sacred tribe. Give others a chance to show up for you. Other people’s energetic realm will either bring you close or tear you apart. Let quantum physics do the work for you.

#5 Stay focused on YOU. You’ve heard it before, but I must repeat it: your vibe attracts your tribe. Sometimes the only block to finding your people, is you. Focus inward, and stay there. Happiness lives nestled within you. 

You’re tribe is calling. Pick up!


Fuddhist Tips

10 Simple Tips to Help You Eat Healthy for LESS

October 18, 2016
tips to help you eat healthy on a budget

I hear it all the time. It’s too expensive to eat healthy! The reality is, it’s too expensive to be sick. Making your health a priority is the greatest investment you can make. It’s not necessary to buy everything organic, purchase an expensive juice cleanse, consume overpriced vitamins, or buy a $600 blender to stay healthy. It’s time to boost your health without hurting your wallet!

Here are a few simple tips that have helped me stay healthy while not breaking the bank 🙂 


#1 Keep your fridge glistening!

The very first thing I clean in my home is my refrigerator. The amount of food that goes to waste from having a messy fridge is heartbreaking. The more organized your fridge is, the more you will save by not having to re buy the bunch of cilantro, bag of spinach, head of lettuce, and bundle of berries that went bad because they went unseen.Taking time to store things properly will prevent food waste, keep you healthy, and keep your wallet happy!

Fuddhist tips on food storage:
  • Store all greens in your veggie drawer
  • Make sure to store bananas away from other produce
  • Wrap celery in foil
  • Line veggie drawer with paper towels to absorb excess moisture
  • Throw an apple with your potatoes to prevent sprouting

Keep your fridge glistening

#2 Stay in the land of veggies

Grocery outings can easily turn into a Bed Bath and Beyond run, where you find yourself buying stuff you didn’t go there for. For example, under eye creams and mini vegan desserts (guilty). Stay in the land of the veggies and purchase what’s in season. Smile when you exit with your two bags for $30 instead of $80.

Fuddhist tip:

Never ever go grocery shopping hungry – you will end up buying packaged food, baked goods, and treats that will put a dent in your wallet and waistline. 


#3 Embrace the coupon game

Don’t stress about meticulously cutting out every coupon and spending time organizing them. Instead of dreading that long grocery line, make sure to snag a copy of the coupon book which is always sitting at every register and leaf through it while you’re waiting, or while the grocer is ringing you up. I’m stoked when I find a match, and even when I don’t, by the time I’m done fishing for deals, my wait in line is over! Win-win.

Embrace the coupon game

#4 Learn to love those thighs

We have become obsessed with purchasing all white meat. We need healthy fats! Most vitamins are fat soluble which means that if you are spending a fortune on vitamins and not consuming healthy fats you are throwing your money away. Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar makes you fat. Don’t be scared of the chicken thighs. Give them a try! Keep in mind, meats in general are the highest price on the ticket. It’s better to focus on high quality protein and scale back on the amount. Quinoa, lentils, and beans are some great alternatives. They are loaded with protein and a lot nicer to your wallet 😉

Learn to love thighs

#5 Buy the entire chicken

If your head just exploded at the idea of having to cut an entire chicken, you are not alone. What are we in the stone age?! I can tell you from experience that after I finally took a leap of faith and carved out some time to cut an entire chicken, I was officially hooked! You’ll save money and find yourself bragging to friends about your awesome chicken cutting skills. You can do it! Here’s how 😉

Fuddhist tip:

Save the backbone of the chicken, and use it to make a delicious stock. Here’s the simple recipe!

Buy the entire chicken

#6 Join a CSA

Eating locally and seasonally is the number one way to boost your health. Opt for receiving a box filled of wonderful fruits and veggies every month to cook with.  If you’re an omnivore, many CSAs are great resources for saving big on eggs and hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats.This will not only be more cost-effective than having to drive to the grocery store every few days to pick your veggies, but it will also expand your horizons and encourage you to try new recipes. Did you say locally sourced organic produce delivered to your doorstep? Yes, please. 

Fuddhist tip:

Use Local Harvest to find all the CSA options near you.

box of fruits and veggies

#7 Visit your local farmers market!

This is a great way to save money, support your local farms, and boost your health, all while having a pleasant food shopping experience outdoors with the entire family. Find a farmer’s market near you! If you don’t have access to a farmer’s market, focus on buying produce that is in season. This is another great way to save and improve your health.

Fuddhist tip:

Consider visiting the farmers market at the end of the day to score some great deals.

Visit your local farmers market

#8 Shop for what’s on sale!

I don’t have a grocery list. Apart from a few staple items that I can’t live without (avocado, garlic, onions, tomatoes, grapefruits, spinach) I buy whatever is on sale and learn to love it! This makes my shopping time fun and it encourages me to try new recipes and work certain veggies into my meal planning.

Fuddhist tip:

For all my app lovers, download Grocery IQ and thank me later 😉 This wizard collects your desired items and finds any and all coupons to match!

Shop for what's on sale


Not everyone can afford to buy everything organic, so prioritizing is a must. Some fruits and veggies contain very high amounts of pesticide, so you want to make sure those items are always organic. I refer to the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen to check for the most updated list. The good news is there are a TON of fruits and veggies that don’t! For example, my adored avocado 😉 Don’t bother getting organic avocados, spend those extra dollars on “The Dirty Dozen” instead! 

Fuddhist tip:

Here’s an updated list of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen! Make sure to check them annually.

the dirty dozen

#10 Be prepared and be enamored with cooking <3

Buying pre washed pre packaged food comes at a cost. Get accustomed to washing and storing your fruits and veggies. Taking the time to make your health a priority is always time well spent. Food prepping will also incentivize you to munch on more nutritious snacks. It’s vital that we get back in the kitchen and learn how to cook simple meals. Families that cook and eat together enjoy better health! 

Fuddhist tip:

Meal planning can be tedious, but luckily there are tons of apps that will do the work for you. I love the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. It’s a great app to help you meal plan and it’s free!!

Join a CSA