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Tiny Food Explorers!

December 5, 2016
tiny food explorers

I created Tiny Food Explorers because I believe involving children in as many food related activities as possible is a great way for them to not only build a relationship with food but it also inspires them to make better food choices. Let’s celebrate and fuel their innate curiosity by exposing them to a world of healthy possibilities!

I believe the greatest gift you can give your children is the power of choice.

When you include children in the shopping of food and the preparation of meals, they begin to develop an attachment to where their food comes from, how it’s prepared and the impact it’s having on their health. Allowing kids to make their own choices helps them get excited about food!








In all my years of working with children I’ve noticed that telling them what’s good and bad doesn’t really work. You have to interact with them and expose them to a wide variety of food choices. I allow them to get their hands dirty and let them completely own what they are doing. By giving them responsibilities in the kitchen they feel much more empowered and they walk away with a sense of accomplishment. Cooking helps boost their confidence and self-worth, not to mention it’s the most important life-skill you can teach them.

More importantly, kid’s really enjoy it!

Let’s engage our children in the grocery shopping experience and avoid those meltdown’s in Aisle 6 😉 And remember that children are great imitators, so let’s give them something great to imitate!


Follow adorable Nylah and Sirine on another edition of Tiny Food Explorers!



Fuddhist Fun

The 5 Things You Need for a Picture Perfect Picnic

July 21, 2016
picture perfect picnic


Picnic outings are the absolute greatest! But if you aren’t prepared they can be stressful and far from dreamy. Here are a few Fuddhist tips to crafting a picture perfect picnic, just in time for National Picnic Month 🙂


1) Grade “A” Grass

Grade A grass

There’s nothing worse for a picnic than itchy, lumpy, uneven, damp grass. Don’t settle on your local park. It’s totally worth a drive to make sure you are feasting on some premium green! Take some time scouting your desired picnic spot. Treat yourself to some terrific turf.


Tip : Yelp “perfect picnic spot”, spend time looking through the gallery, then make your selection!


2) A Quality Quilt

urban mat from world market

The blanket selection is paramount! You want something with a little cushion or your picnic time will undoubtedly be cut short. There’s nothing cute about being massively uncomfortable. Make a solid investment once, and you’ll find yourself picnicking often! A quilted throw is perfect, but make sure it’s washable. My personal favorite is ‘The Bohemian Urban Mat’ from Cost Plus World Market 😉 Affordable and stylish!



Tip : If you go the reversible mat route, make sure you purchase a cushion to sit on. You can grab a super cute one for cheap at Marshalls!


3) Simply Delicious Finger Foods

Selecting the food items is the best part! These items depend entirely on who you will be picnicking with, so make sure to take into account their favorite snacks. In general, I like to pick food items that aren’t a nightmare to clean up, are super easy to snack on, and won’t get soggy in the sun. Make it easy on yourself by purchasing foods that are already packaged, it’s worth it!


Tip : Throw your ice pack in a ziploc bag to prevent it from getting the food wet.


The Fuddhist Picnic PicksFuddhist Picnic Picks

– 1 pint of organic blueberries/blackberries/raspberries
– 1 bag of organic baby carrots
– 1 pint of organic cherry tomatoes
– organic super sweet mini peppers
– organic garlic hummus
– organic trail mix with dark chocolate nibs 😉
– watermelon mint juice in a tightly sealed mason jar
– one large coconut water – (INVO and Harmless Harvest are two of my favorites)
– organic plums/green apples/grapes
– organic dried fruit (mangoes, figs, apricots)
– organic wine. Bonterra Cabernet at Trader Joe’s is a total steal! (don’t forget the bottle opener)


Don’t forget the paper towels! I also like to pack extra resealable bags, sunscreen, and some small trash bags. Keep the green clean!


4) A Baller Basket

picnic basket from

A good old fashion wooden picnic basket will last you a lifetime. No need to break the bank but make sure you find a quality “canasta” por favor. Head to for a ‘Downton Abbey-esque’ style basket, they have tons of options at affordable prices! You can also find a great collapsible insulated tote at Cost Plus World Market, if that’s more your style.



Tip : A fully loaded picnic basket is not for the weary. I always bring a small backpack to carry all my plates, paper towels, cutlery, cups, and organic wine in.


5) A Wooden Serving Platter for the Win!

serve platter from target

You’ve got your adorable basket, comfy quilt, delicious food picks, and now it’s time to spread it all out. But wait, things are toppling over, the blueberries spilled over your favorite quilt and you can’t seem to find anywhere to place your wine glass. Enter wooden serving platter!



Tip : you can find a beautifully rustic round edged wooden platter for cheap at Marshalls.


My beautiful niece, Seven, and an adorable Pomeranian by the name of Sugar Bear, helped to make this THE “Picture Perfect Picnic” for me!