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5 Reasons to Spring Clean with a “Teatox.”

March 21, 2017
Spring Cleaning! Just add hot water 😉

It’s time to rid our lives of the toxic non-essentials that plague it. Before you spend hours tidying up the bathroom vanity, I invite you to look a little closer and clean out the junk that’s weighing you down the most. Give your belly a friendly pat, for that’s where you will find most of your toxicity.

Your gut is the magical “swiffer.”

Your tummy will sweep away all that toxic waste and deep clean you like a champ. All it needs is the right product to help it do it’s job. So put down the mop and shelf organizer, and pick up a bag of loose leaf tea!

When we don’t give our digestive system ample time to rest, we hinder the one defense that can heal us. The word detox can be intimidating to most because it has lost it’s true meaning. The elimination process shouldn’t be the result of you white knuckling through an agonizing 30 day juice cleanse. A simple way to activate our detoxification system is by indulging in a warm cup of delicious tea. Several cups 😉

The reality is that we are constantly detoxing, to some extent.

It’s “teatox” time! Oh, there is so much to look forward to, and so little to do.

Here are five benefits to teatox-ing this Spring:


The truth is, the majority of us are chronically dehydrated. This can lead to a dull complexion, and a plethora of health problems. A teatox has a sneaky way of hydrating you without you noticing, all while boosting your largest organ with antioxidants and polyphenols. Say hello to glowing skin!


When we ignite our body’s detoxification system the restorative effects are heaven sent. Tea helps flush out stubborn toxins and allows our bodies to fully repair and rejuvenate during shut eye, which leads to much brighter days.


The digestion process is our number one energy drainer. Toxins keep us sluggish and slow. When we lessen the digestive load and help aid the elimination process with nutrient filled liquids, aka detox teas, we free up our energy bin and can enjoy the benefits during our waking hours.


Ridding our bodies of toxins helps lift the mental fog many of us carry around. When we start to feel better emotionally we make better decisions, and as a result we begin to focus on what truly makes us happy.


Cleansing your organs gives your metabolism a healthy boost! When you rest your digestive system and fuel your cells with nutrients, your body begins to burn stored fat. Yes, please! Teatox-ing will also help reduce bloating, which is an added bonus 😉

There are hundreds of teatox programs out there, some more intense than others. There’s no need to drink 16 cups of tea a day. I’ve come to realize that what truly matters is not the following of a rigid tea regimen, but simply the drinking of more tea. I incorporate it into my routine by starting and ending my day with a quality cup of loose leaf tea.

Happy Teatox!

Fuddhist Fun

Tiny Food Explorers!

December 5, 2016
tiny food explorers

I created Tiny Food Explorers because I believe involving children in as many food related activities as possible is a great way for them to not only build a relationship with food but it also inspires them to make better food choices. Let’s celebrate and fuel their innate curiosity by exposing them to a world of healthy possibilities!

I believe the greatest gift you can give your children is the power of choice.

When you include children in the shopping of food and the preparation of meals, they begin to develop an attachment to where their food comes from, how it’s prepared and the impact it’s having on their health. Allowing kids to make their own choices helps them get excited about food!








In all my years of working with children I’ve noticed that telling them what’s good and bad doesn’t really work. You have to interact with them and expose them to a wide variety of food choices. I allow them to get their hands dirty and let them completely own what they are doing. By giving them responsibilities in the kitchen they feel much more empowered and they walk away with a sense of accomplishment. Cooking helps boost their confidence and self-worth, not to mention it’s the most important life-skill you can teach them.

More importantly, kid’s really enjoy it!

Let’s engage our children in the grocery shopping experience and avoid those meltdown’s in Aisle 6 😉 And remember that children are great imitators, so let’s give them something great to imitate!


Follow adorable Nylah and Sirine on another edition of Tiny Food Explorers!



Thought For Food

The Truth About Turkey and Tryptophan

November 24, 2016
It’s Thanksgiving Day!

Every year we hear the same folk tale, “turkey makes you happy and sleepy!” There is a small dose of truth to that, but the real story goes a little something like this…

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid (a building block of muscle) that’s converted into serotonin. Serotonin is what we all refer to as, the “feel good” hormone. So, we eat turkey, and turkey makes us happy! Right? Not quite. Here’s the part of the story everyone misses. Turkey, is high in protein, and protein actually blocks the synthesis of tryptophan into serotonin. What?! But how do we explain the food induced coma?! 

Enter the real hero of the day, carbs. Oh yea. The trick to getting your tryptophan is to eat carbohydrates alone with no protein at some point of your meal. This allows tryptophan to enter your brain and boost those serotonin levels. 

Although turkey does indeed have tryptophan, it does not contain a high amount. There are a handful of relatively low-protein, tryptophan-rich foods you can include in your diet like spinach and other green leafy vegetables, sea vegetables, soybeans, asparagus, cauliflower, and sunflower or sesame seeds. Here is a list of foods high in tryptophan!

The moral of the story?

Have yourself a guilt free carb loving turkey day, and more importantly, thank your loved ones for that happy trip your on. 

Thought For Food

The Fuddhist featured in Holistic Entrepreneur Association International

November 21, 2016




I am honored to be featured in the Holistic Entrepreneur Association International. HEA is an organization committed to helping those who have dedicated their lives to serving others through health and wellness. With an impressive international audience, HEA is shifting the health paradigm and empowering others who share this mission. The Fuddhist is grateful to be a part of it! 


Check out entire interview here! (I’ll divulge a few Fuddhist secrets 😉




Fuddhist Approved

California’s Propositions Cheat Sheet

November 8, 2016

We’ve got a blizzard of ballot initiatives to decide on. Please do your homework before exercising your civic duty! Here’s a little help for all my last minute crammers 😉 






The Earth Element

EnrichLA is building a brighter future, one edible garden at a time

September 13, 2016

Tomas O’Grady, Enrich LA’s co-founder, was inspired to create the non-profit three years ago, where the dream began with one edible garden. Today EnrichLA has built 103 gardens in schools all over L.A., and is considered to be the largest garden non-profit in the nation. Recognizing that a school garden is only as good as what’s growing in it, and only useful to a school if the students are actually using it, EnrichLA has created ‘The Garden Ranger Program.’  Every school has a trained garden ranger consistently on site to attend to the garden as well as provide place-based learning opportunities for the students, offering fun lesson plans with topics such as nutrition, healthy living, gardening, and environmental stewardship.


I feel privileged to call myself a ‘Garden Ranger.’ 🙂


Nature is our most powerful teacher.


This is my favorite kind of classroom! A learning environment that connects kids to their food source, fuels their curiosity, soothes their anxieties, teaches them about responsibility and respect for all living things, all while helping them stay active and healthy.

With childhood obesity rates still rising, it is paramount that we connect our children to the source of where “real” food comes from. If students only have access to vending machines full of processed, sugar-ladened ‘dead food,’ they are in a system that’s ultimately failing them. This complete disconnect from nature can lead to “nature deficit disorder” causing some kids to become overweight, anxious and depressed. If we can give children across America access to simple whole foods, we can begin to make a real change.

Kids will eat what they grow!


When a child gets to experience the joy of growing, harvesting, preparing, and eating simple whole foods, they start to gain a new appreciation for real food and are empowered to make better food choices.  These gardens act as catalysts to show students just how versatile, delicious, and FUN healthy food can be!

The simple of act of spending time in the garden teaches children about responsibility, teamwork, cooperation, and respect. An edible garden will broaden a child’s awareness of the world and inspire them to value our habitat. STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education is taught in the garden through hands-on learning, which in effect is building a stronger understanding of those concepts for many children who respond better with reality-based teaching.

all you need is love

Much like we handle this seedling; we support, empower, enrich, and spread love to all students, and eagerly watch them grow. We see their potential, and do everything we can so they can bloom bigger and brighter!

Longevity Elixirs

The Wonders of Watermelon

July 6, 2016

As I sat on the beach in Mallorca, Spain devouring that delicious watermelon, I intuitively knew that there was some serious healing happening on many levels. I had spent the last fours hours lost in the woods, hiking to the middle of nowhere, unsure of how to get to the right side of the island, and feeling defeated by the powerful Mallorcan sun. When I caught a peak of the coast and saw a couple selling a basket of fruits I leaped joyfully with my eyes on the prize! In the bountiful basket of fruits, I knew right away what I wanted and needed, “sandĂ­a, porfavor”  (watermelon, please).


I knew that watermelons were incredibly hydrating, full of electrolytes and high in vitamins A and C. After one majestic bite, I also knew that I had more to learn about this incredible fruit/veggie (yes a watermelon is both a fruit and vegetable). I always thought tomatoes were the queen of lycopene (lycopene is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant), but it turns out that watermelon has more lycopene than tomatoes!

In true Fuddhist fashion, I proceeded to research and nerd out on all the benefits of this wonderful vegeta-fruit 🙂 Needless to say, I spent the rest of my vacation sipping on fabulous sandía.



Here is a list of all the wonderful reasons you should be snacking on more watermelon 🙂
Benefits Description
Aids weight loss Watermelon is more than 90% water, very low in calories, and contains an amino acid that has a fat burning effect!
Has anti inflammatory properties Watermelons contain choline, a water-soluble nutrient that promotes restful sleep, facilitates muscle movement and flexibility, supports the brain in functions of both learning and memory, and is also known to alleviate chronic inflammation!
Promotes healthy skin and nails Vitamin A is one of watermelon’s key ingredients, as well as one of the key nutrients your skin needs for cell growth and sebum production which keeps your skin and hair healthy and hydrated.
It’s a brain and mood booster Watermelons also contain a good amount of vitamin B6 which is responsible for our mood and behavior. Low levels of B6 contribute to reduced short term memory, making watermelon the perfect snack for students!
Supports healthy muscles and nerves Watermelon is a great source of potassium and citrulline which help keep your muscles and nerves working properly by improving circulation and relaxing blood vessels. Citrulline has been proven to reduce soreness in overstressed muscles and speed up recovery time, making watermelon a popular choice amongst athletes.


Thought For Food

ÂżDĂłnde EstĂĄ Betty Crocker?

June 29, 2016
Donde Esta Betty Crocker?

You’re probably wondering why I’m looking for Betty? Ironically the story starts at a grocery store run with my adorable niece. She is seven years old and very smart. She runs to me with a package of food and says “Auntie, this is healthy, it says natural and it was made on a farm.” Indeed the packaging said natural and there was a picturesque farm with a popular TV character on the cover. This is where our first lesson about food marketing began. How do you explain to a child that the food industry is trying to trick you so you have to be extra careful about what you purchase. I told her, “honey, don’t look at the front of anything you buy, flip it over and look at the ingredients, ALWAYS.” Be an explorer. These kids are victim to billions of dollars of food marketing and we have to teach them while they’re young. Five minutes after our conversation of food marketing I saw a packet of Betty Crocker cake mix and thought, wow, adults are just as easily blindsided by these marketing moguls.

If you’re wondering where Betty Crocker is, or who she was I have some earth shattering news to deliver…Betty Crocker isn’t real. According to Fortune Magazine in April 1945, Betty Crocker was the second most known woman in America next to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. That’s quite a feat for not being a real human being. She was known as the First Lady of Food, but she wasn’t a lady, she was a brand. A brand created by General Mills. They felt “Betty” sounded warm and friendly. She underwent several makeovers from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. By 1996 she had become slightly darker with a more “ethnic” look. This my friends, is marketing at its finest.

Not only was she a brand, she was one that sold more than 250 cookbooks, magazines, and products. She was in kitchens all over America, and her trusted recipes and products were something nearly every American has sunk their teeth into.  Her “Big Red” cookbook sold nearly as many copies as The Bible itself. Yup. It’s okay to reread that last sentence if you need to. Eight decades of home invasion from an invisible yet charming woman called Betty. All in all Betty was created by a man named Sam Gale, an advertiser who felt that women wouldn’t take cooking advice from a man, and he was right about that. She was the ‘Dear Alice’ to women all over America. They flooded her with cooking questions, and very much believed her to be real.

Let’s focus on what we can do to safeguard our kids and ourselves. By simply creating awareness around food marketing and labeling, we teach children to be curious early on and make informed decisions. Let’s teach them to be mindful every time they purchase something that they are about to put into their body. I encourage all of you to take a second and think before you buy anything for that matter. Let’s start paying more attention to what’s inside the package, as opposed to outside the package.

Real food doesn’t need advertising.

There are no commercials out there with apples screaming, buy me buy me! Bananas don’t come with Yellow No. 5 aka tartrazine, and strawberries don’t have Red No. 3 aka carmoisine in them. Keep it simple. Keep it whole. 

If America’s Sweetheart is a lie, then what else is?

Aunt Jemima and Sara Lee. Yup. You guessed it.


Beauty Enlightenment

Grapefruit: Cellulite’s Kryptonite

June 20, 2016
Grapefruit - Cellulite's Kryptonite

Ladies, I know why you’re here, I get it. That horrid “orange peel syndrome.”

Ok, so it’s not deadly, but it plagues us and makes us feel like shit. It’s time to get over the whole “it’s bitter” noise and start to love us some grapefruit! This wonderful Ruby Red helps break down fat in heroic fashion. Its primary weapons are an anti-inflammatory and skin cleansing enzyme called bromelain and a chemical called Naringenin that helps break down fatty acids. Bla-DOW cellulite! You want them on your team. Grapefruits are your friend.

Get it in early. A glass of grapefruit in the morning will help curb your appetite and keep the weight off by stabilizing your blood sugar. Grapefruits are chock full of fiber, which will keep you full and keep you away from mindless snacking. Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself. Some mornings I’ll eat an entire grapefruit, others I’ll juice a grapefruit and have my breakfast 15-20 minutes after. If you really can’t stomach the bitterness, you can juice an orange with half a grapefruit and start there. Of all the fruit juices, grapefruit juice delivers the highest amount of antioxidants so it’s worth acquiring a taste for it. Numerous studies have shown that simply smelling a grapefruit reduces our desire to stuff our faces.

I know you’re all reading this for vanity purposes and that’s ok, it’s honestly what got me so obsessed; but apart from being a dimple destroyer, grapefruits hold so many other incredible benefits. This once forbidden fruit is LOADED with vitamin C, making it a mega immune booster. It also boasts many other essential nutrients such as, vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, B6, biotin, copper, iron, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc bioflavonoids, and lycopene to name a few. It helps with inflammatory issues like asthma, chest congestion, as well as osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and helps in the prevention of kidney stones, colon cancer, and tumors. This fiber packed fruit aids in lowering cholesterol and eliminating harmful toxins from the body.

Let me be clear in stating that grapefruit isn’t a miracle cure. You still have to do your part in eating clean, staying away from processed foods and exercising. You should also be drinking lots of water daily to help detoxify the body and stay hydrated. Grapefruits are 90% water. Because of its high water content and abundant amount of vitamin C grapefruits are essential for producing healthy collagen which keeps your complexion plump and smooth!

I am a believer that once you educate yourself on the transformative power of foods, your taste buds start to change and you begin to enjoy the foods that will help heal and nourish you. Vanity is actually a great place to start. If you loathe cellulite as much as I do, it serves you to love grapefruit.

I love me some grapefruit!
The Earth Element

Mother Dirt: The Ultimate Healer

June 15, 2016

When life feels overwhelming I seek refuge and comfort in the dirt. Connecting with the earth is incredibly nurturing and soothing, it’s the best form of stress therapy there is. That precious time spent in the garden shifts you into a meditative state, stilling your busy mind and keeping you present. In this quiet mental state, the healing begins, both on a mental and physical level. The soil is full of healthy bacteria which has been shown to trigger the release of serotonin, the brain chemical that keeps us happy. You can boost your mood naturally just by digging in the dirt! Say no to pills and yes to mud pies. 

 Your kids also benefit tremendously from playing in the dirt. They need less time trapped inside the “spic and span” home, chemically ladened with household cleaners (windex, clorox, bleach, carpet cleaner, air fresheners), and more time outside rolling around in the dirt! Here is the dirty little secret; early exposure to healthy soil will actually boost your child’s immune system. We are dirt deficient. Our germaphobic, hyper hygienic society has actually placed us and our kids in a weaker state. Apart from the tremendous physical benefits of spending time outside and getting grimy, dirt also has a positive impact on kids emotional well being and cognitive skills. Playing in the dirt increases happiness, and enhances learning. Mother Dirt knows best.

Patience, love, compassion, respect, forgiveness, life, and death.

All lessons learned by time spent in the garden. Dirt is more alive than we are. Dirt has all the kingdoms of life in it. Dirt is the living breathing skin of the planet we call home. When you dig your hands in the soil you connect with life on the most fundamental level.


Mother Dirt The Ultimate Healer

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A Charitable Cup of Joe

June 13, 2016


There is nothing more enjoyable than having two of my greatest passions of T.V. and Fuddhism align. I flew to New York to film for TV Land and happily found myself in Fuddhist territory. My shoot took place at COFFEED, a locally sourced, charity driven coffee shop in Long Island City. I hadn’t met the owner, the staff, or even tasted their revered cup of joe and I was already a fan! They roast their own coffee, bake their own pastries, and even compost their own coffee grinds. A socially conscious coffee shop that’s grounded in philanthropy, with a one acre working farm on its rooftop, and an owner who’s named after my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?!  

This is most definitely 100% Fuddhist approved!

My shoot day began with a delicious cup of their famous dark chocolate mocha. Our crew had invaded the owner, Frank “Turtle” Raffaele’s office, and I was worried that he wouldn’t be thrilled about us hijacking his work space. In walks this super friendly, engaging, energetic guy sporting a Superman hat, red apron and a huge smile, hurriedly working to tidy up. He cleaned in warped speed, coffee clearly coursing through his veins, politely working around us and constantly asking us if there was anything we needed. It wasn’t until later that afternoon that I would interview the founder and CEO of COFFEED and come to learn it was the same humble human that had greeted us earlier that day.

I learned so much about coffee in those ten hours I felt like I was ready to put on an apron and start roasting! It was a long shoot day and the employees made the crew and I feel at home. They ran that coffee shop like one big familia! In addition to that, Frank Raffaele has donated more than $200,000 to local charities, and is currently incorporating a loyalty program where customers can donate to a nonprofit organization of their choice with every cup of joe they purchase. In working closely with The Foundling, a nonprofit which provides foster care and adoption services, COFFEED employs developmentally disabled adults and teenaged foster children. COFFEED has proven that, a successful business rooted in philanthropy is possible. The real profit in helping and caring for others, ultimately has no price.

marianela macchiato


Here are a few fun and interesting facts about coffee:
  • A coffee plant can live up to 200 years.
  • Second to oil, coffee is the most valuable legally traded good in the world.
  • New Yorkers drink seven times more coffee than any other US city (N.Y. HUSTLE).
  • 100 cups of coffee is considered to be a lethal dose.
  • Coffee beans pooped out by cats are a thing. The Asian palm civet is a cat known to eat coffee cherries in the wild, which are fermented in their digestive tract and pooped out whole.
  • Coffee loses 70% of its flavor within two minutes.
  • There are more flavors of coffee than there are wine.
  • The U.S. consumes more coffee than any country in the world.
  • The average American consumes about 200 mg of caffeine a day.
My Fuddhie Favorite Fact: For a healthier pick me up, give that Cold Brew a GO!

Cold brew coffee is 60% less acidic than regular hot brewed coffee! It also keeps fresh in the fridge for two weeks!



Up cycling Jam Session

April 21, 2016


My love of music, craftsmanship, creating, connecting, up cycling, and unity, all bundled into one sunny afternoon. My goal was to build an up cycled food tray, and what transpired was so much more. I encourage everyone to spend more time building, more time using your hands, more time with friends, more time laughing, more time with no agenda, more time together.

I’m honored to introduce my first guest blogger. An incredible friend,Reiki Master, writer, photographer and wonderful human being. Adam Ullberg.

Co-Creating, A Perspective on Unity

On a recent beautiful day in Los Angeles (as if that narrows it down), I got a call from a good friend, Marianela Pereyra, to work on a project to “just see where it goes”
which happens to be my favorite kind of project. No agenda, no rules, no expectations
just create and see what we get!! Count me in!! 

This new project – an attempt to build a wooden board to display food – would also involve new friend Dave Yaden and would be completely UPCYCLED (reusing discarded materials to create something of higher value
how cool is that?!). I didn’t knowmuch about Dave except his passion to build things from materials he finds around town
but I would soon find out about another passion of his
music (don’t take my word for it, watch the video and listen for yourself!). 

And like a piece of inspired music, this project quickly unfolded effortlessly for all of us. Both Marianela and Dave love to build and create using their hands, so off they went! Marianela was in her element as her vision was quickly being realized by what Dave already had in his backyard. Dave, in his element, took the day’s events and channeled a piece of music that didn’t exist before. And I’m one that enjoys filming and photography, so, as a fly on the wall (or in the backyard for that matter), I was in my element finding inspired angles with inspired creators.

Not too far into this wonderful day, a topic came to mind 
Co-Creation! At a time where an “us vs. them” mentality seems to be dismantling our precious world, this to me was an example of where our focus should be. Individually we excel at different things, but together we can utilize those gifts to create results of higher value for everyone. An orchestra is the prefect example of the specialized layers that can add to the richness of a piece of music. We can even look to the evolution of the cells in our own bodies as another example. They reflect this same kind of specialization AND cooperation to thrive and make for a more harmonious living environment (Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton).

I believe we are all creators. And there isn’t one of us that does EVERYTHING
so we do need each other. Our differences reflect the different pieces of the puzzle that we represent. It’s a puzzle that isn’t complete without ALL of the pieces. Now, more than ever, let’s share our ideas and gifts with one another so we can create outside the box and help make our environment one that thrives on the only thing that will ensure its survival


Check out Adam Ullberg’s Blog, and consider exploring different perspectives!

Check out Dave Yaden’s music here!

Featured Love

Tiny Food Explorers!

April 1, 2016
tiny food explorers

What’s cuter than a basket of berries?! A tiny human willfully collecting berries in their tiny basket!


Tiny Food Explorers is fueled by celebrating children’s insatiable appetite to explore and be curious! By involving kids in the grocery shopping process, we help guide them towards healthier options while empowering them to make their own decisions. Allowing kids to make their own choices helps get them excited about food! Getting kids used to reading the ingredients is a wonderfully healthy habit to build, that will last a lifetime and help guard them against the barrage of food advertising they fall victim to, day in and day out.

Lets be honest, the food marketing that is targeted towards children in the United States is deplorable. We need to protect our children with what Nelson Mandela believed to be the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world…education.

Kids are human sponges; they have an ability to absorb so much information at a young age. I can’t think of a better life tool than gifting them with the power to make healthier choices. Don’t get me wrong, karate and self defense classes are also a great way to empower our children, but the number one killer in America isn’t the boogeyman…it’s cardiovascular disease.

Childhood obesity is now a national epidemic. 1 in 3 children in the United States are overweight or obese. Increasing children’s awareness to healthy food, and teaching them to read labels and make empowering choices, could literally save their lives.

As most of us grownups already know, what we eat early in life sticks with us well into adulthood. When we give kids the freedom to playfully explore different kinds of foods and ask questions, we ignite an enjoyable food conversation! 

From the garden, to the grocery store, to the kitchen; involving children in as many food related activities as possible, is a great way for them to connect to the source of their food and build a relationship with food that will pave the way for mindful eating. Teaching kids to be mindful about what they are eating will ensure they make smart choices that will nourish and heal their bodies, leading them towards a more vital, and fruitful future!




Meet Halo, Chosen, and Seven-three magical tiny humans, who jumped with delight at the opportunity to make their own decisions at the supermarket. Their enthusiasm and effortless ability to remain present is infectious! 

Children are great imitators, so let’s give them something great to imitate.


Watch my ‘Tiny Food Explorers’ in action!


Featured Longevity Elixirs

Lucuma Matata!

March 3, 2016

Its my problem free philosophy, Lucuma Matata!

Que es Lucuma? It’s a funny sounding name that rhymes with Hakuna and inspires me to recite the entire first verse of Lion King every time I hear it. Lucuma is delicious fruit native to the Andean valleys of Peru, Ecuador, and Chile. My first encounter with this beauty was during my travels in Chile. The initial love connection was ignited due to its striking similarity to one of my favorite fruit crushes of all time, the avocado.

I fondly remember my first bite. Mmmm. I was sure my friend had soaked the fruit in maple syrup! It was oh so sweet and delectable. This is where it pays off to be curious and adventurous. I now had a new fruit to add to my repertoire, but living in the States would make it difficult to indulge in my new finding. Not anymore.

Enter: lucuma powder.

This ‘gold of the incas‘ as its referred to down South, has been around for centuries and is now primarily used to sweeten up baked goods and desserts. You can throw a pinch of lucuma in your smoothies, morning oatmeal and lattes as well! It’s an excellent low-glycemic alternative to sugar and even diabetic friendly. But lets not forget about its super power “ness.” Its been used to treat heart maladies (hypertension/blood pressure), heal skin conditions, balance hormones, and aid in digestion. It packs a strong punch of fiber, phosphorus, iron, beta-carotene (boosting eye health), calcium, protein, vital trace minerals and antioxidants.

In pure Fuddhist fashion, Lucuma benefits and nourishes the mind as well. Due to its high content of niacin (vitamin B3), it has been recently proven to help those with depression. It strengthens brain cells to adapt according to stress and workloads. It is good tonic for brain.

Turns out the song I was singing is a perfect match.

‘no worries, for the rest of your days.
It’s a problem free philosophy, Lucuma Matata!’




My Heroic Grandpa: A Bonafide Fuddhist

February 23, 2016
Dr. Hector Quiroga - Bonafide Fuddhist

Dr. Hector Quiroga: My Grandpa. A pioneer in preventive medicine. A visionary. My trailblazer. An exceptional doctor with a long list of accolades including gold medals and medals of honor in the fields of medicine and science. He started his medical career at the age of 17; the original Doogie Howser.

My Grandfather was the Director of Public Health of many provinces of Argentina as well as the department head of many hospitals apart from holding his own private practice. He finished his residency in New York, specializing in gastroenterology. He believed that all diseases stem from the gut, and was a firm advocate of orthomolecular medicine, back when the word nutrition didn’t even exist. He worked heavily on researching cancer and continued to push cellular nutrition for he believed in the healing power of food.

He held over 50 symposium’s worldwide, published numerous works and received a gold medal for his research and findings on Ginseng in the 1970’s, proving its healing power and gaining worldwide acknowledgement for such. He concocted his own “capsulĂłn” – as he referred to it- his vitamin cocktail, which we now know today as a “multi-vitamin.” He was ahead of his time and wise beyond his years. He worked endlessly researching Alzheimer’s and on improving the quality of life for the elderly.

He believed in a vital and active life until the very end. He belived that happiness and positivity extended one’s longevity, and very much practiced what he preached. Apart from his ingenious work as a doctor he was a caring, lively, positive, happy, handsome, funny and loving human being who left a lasting impression on everyone he came across.

Ninety five years of age lived to the very fullest! A true legend. My hero. Thank you Grandpa for your life’s work. Thank you for fueling my passion and for the endless joy you brought me. A true example of how to live a beautifully abundant and healthy life, always in the service of improving the lives of others. A bonafide Fuddhist.

Your imperishable legacy and loving memory lives on.




Featured Mind Detox

El Bosque Energético (The Energetic Forest)

February 19, 2016
MIND DETOX El Bosque Energético (The Energetic Forest)


Many have stood in this energetic forest, as its called in Miramar, Argentina. I was perplexed by the magnetism and quantum energy that exists here. I tested the magnetism myself as I took a small branch, planted it in the ground, laid another on top of it horizontally and watched it float and spin as if the wood contained a strong a magnet inside of it. When you touch the trees you soak in an incredible amount of energy. One thing that really struck me was how many locals visit the forest to simply lay their bodies against the trees for healing purposes. This my Fuddhies is grounding at its finest. Einstein himself walked these woods in search of answers. To be honest, if Einstein couldn’t solve the mystery, I didn’t think I would come home with many answers. Ironically that was the most magical thing about my visit here. Some things can’t be proved, they can only be experienced.

For me it was far more than an energetic forest, it was an enchanted one.




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Maté Over Matter

January 27, 2016
Mate over matter - Yerba Mate

An ancient tradition that shifts us into the NOW. But first, you have to get through security.

Me: “No, I’m not drinking marijuana.”

TSA officer: “Miss, please come with me.”

This is how most of my airport experiences start when I decide to travel with my trusty Yerba Maté (yer-bah-mah-tay). Unless of course I’m in my homeland of Argentina where the second you land everyone from the shuttle bus driver to the airport personnel is carrying their “termo” (thermos) “mate” (gourd) and “bombilla” (metal straw).

Maté is a way of life for us. 

This is a tradition that dates back to the Guarani natives who now inhabit Paraguay and the Argentine provinces of Misiones and Corrientes. They would plant “yerba mate” near the burial grounds of their ancestors, cultivate and prepare the drink that they would sip and share in a circle amongst family. They practiced this ritual because they believed the spirits of their loved ones would grow with the yerba mate and then pass through their bodies via the drink. Furthermore, they believed it significantly improved their health and wellbeing, giving them increased energy and stamina while keeping them mentally alert. Science has now proven that their beliefs were spot on.Mate over matter

Although we aren’t harvesting the plant ourselves and in turn drinking the souls of our ancestors, it is a deeply rooted custom that is shared among friends, family, co-workers, and classmates alike. For me, “mateando” is a sacred moment that allows us to be fully present with each other.

The process goes a little something like this.

The person brewing the drink (el cebador)  would take a sip through the metal straw (la bombilla) and then pass the drink to someone in the circle. Sometimes clockwise, sometimes at random. Yes, we all drink from the same gourd, similar to the Native Americans who smoked from the same peace pipe. We are all equal, we are all one, and we don’t believe in cooties. In fact, yerba mate has antimicrobial properties. Cheers!


I’ve have converted many a friends and loved ones into mate fiends. After sharing the long list of health benefits associated with drinking mate, they gladly made the switch! Yerba MatĂ© leaves contain 250 nutrients and numerous studies have been published showing that this ancient shrub is extraordinarily beneficial to humans. Furthermore, according to the Industry Science Journal, mate includes 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and 11 polyphenols, and is very high in antioxidants.

There are so many benefits to sippin’ on this grass in a gourd!

As a result, this magical plant is finally making waves in the West! Yerba MatĂ© is giving green tea a run for it’s money. As a matter of fact, Yerba is significantly more effective than green tea due to its high concentration of chlorogenic acid, Caffeoyl derivatives, and saponins. All of which have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, lipid-lowering, and anti-diabetic properties.

Lastly, if all the above is too much to digest, then just know this.

It makes you poop. Big time.


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Buh Bye Expectations. Hello Acceptance.

January 27, 2016
buh bye expectations hello acceptance

We expect so much from others. All the time. Yes, you do. We all do. Constantly, always, even when we think we aren’t. We expect our partners to behave a certain way, our co-workers to act a certain way, our parents to be a certain way, our kids to behave, our teachers and our boss to act a certain way, our family to
.(fill in the blank). The list of expectations is endless and in return we get frustrated, angry, upset, annoyed, and disappointed when they don’t.

Kindly show all of these expectations the door, because they do not serve you. Have you ever tried not expecting a thing, ever, from anyone? Try it out for size. By letting go of these expectations you free yourself from disappointment and gift yourself with the abundant power that you’ve had all along. Take that wagging finger turn it around and point it towards yourself. There you go. That’s the only person you control and controls you. Do not mistake this for speaking your truth. You can let someone know how something they are doing or saying is affecting you without expecting anything.

Do not let outer circumstances, others behaviors, or anything that lives outside of you mandate how you feel inside. You can’t change or control others, you aren’t responsible for their happiness and they aren’t responsible for yours. The few who understand this indulge in the endless euphoric feeling which I like to refer to as freedom. The brave new world of accepting will get you there, and you will be happier because of it.

Those who know me know that I care about what people put into their bodies, but I also care about what thoughts they hold in their mind. If people understood how powerful their thoughts really were, they could start to turn this franchise called “their life” around! You are only as good, as healthy, as smart, as successful, as beautiful, and as powerful, as you THINK you are. If you spend zero amount on time on creating a better mental state, growth of any kind will be difficult. I am constantly working on achieving a better understanding as to why I think and behave the way I do, and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

This is what we call, awareness.
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